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“The # 1 axiom for any successful business is never to waste time or money. We want the advice of proven experience in a fast and timely manner. That is why we are happy to engage the services of Boomerswork. It is simple and it works.”
Colin MacDonald
“With limited funding and hard-to –find resources, it can be difficult for a not-for-profit organization like ours to find professional help for special projects and assignments….that's why Boomerswork is so great for us.”
Tom Merriam, CEO/President
“The Boomerswork proprietary search process connects us with high level professionals ready to work on short term assignments and special projects. They are the perfect matchmakers.”
Joe MacDonald, Director, Government Relations & Human Resources
“In HR, you know how much time can be spent sorting through resumes, and how hard it can be to get that ideal match...but Boomerswork has changed all that.”
Velvet Clarke, Director, Human Resources